Valentines Dinner - A night in Paris Valentines Dinner - A night in Paris

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So time is drawing near for that once a year love day called Valentines Day. It’s always daunting to  find something new and different each year for your loved one.

So we thought we could help you out! Why not do something small for them everyday until the V-day! 14 DAYS may seem a lot but trust me it goes super fast! Would you not feel super special receiving something everyday? So lets gets started!

Day 1: Write or type a small note telling them why you love them!

Day 2: Pick a Garden flower and before they wake up leave it next to their toiletries that they use in the morning! This will certainly surprise them!

Day 3: Before your partner goes to bed leave them their favourite packet of sweets or chocolates with a note that reads “Thank-you for being so sweet towards me!”

Day 4: Make them coffee or any warm drink and give to them in bed before they start their day and write a note “I am so HOT for you” LOL!!! Hopefully we don’t have any under 18 readers here!

Day 5: It’s MOVIE NIGHT – Remember those sweet days where you would go to the movies, share popcorn with your date and slurp slush puppies together! Well get your date ready as its Wednesday half price at Nu Metro (no excuse) and go watch a cute romantic movie!

Day 6: Put on some lipstick and go kiss your mirror with a lipstick note saying “Love you” Men I am sure you can find her lipstick and get creative! HEHE 

Day 7: Fun Friday – Take your date to the Grove shopping mall and go play bumper cars, tenpin bowling or even go ice-skating! And then as a treat WAKABERRY yogurt dessert! Yummm!!!!Innocent

(Simon Vermooten Rd, Pretoria 0184)

Day 8: Pack a picnic basket go to the nearest Botanical Gardens and lie on a blanket in each others arms. Look at the shape of the clouds and try and figure out together what it may look like.

Day 9: Got some flea spirit in you? LOL J There is now a Sunday Flea Market at the Pioneers Museum in Silverton. Super fun to do together and loads to look at. J

Day 10: Blow up a balloon and place a note inside saying”Thank-you for the bursts of love you give me” and then write on the balloon “POP ME”

Day 11: Start and keep a “Dreams” binder with them. Include some travel brochures or whatever gets you both excited. In the back, make sure you have a “Dreams turned reality!” file.

Day 12: Post on their Facebook wall: “I love being yours! See me tonight regarding this.”

Day 13: Don’t turn on that TV tonight – resist the urge! And pull out those dusty board games e.g. Scrabble , Monopoly or even better go buy one before you go home that night! This is super great for bonding!

Day 14: Come to Casa-lee Country Lodge and have a night in Paris! 5 course meal and let us spoil you both! BOOK NOW!


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